Yearning to Be a Cougar? How to Look Younger Than Your Age

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June 15  

Cougars!  The latest description of women who like younger men.

[At least it’s no longer called “robbing the cradle” or “perverse.”]

Throughout history, there have been older woman-younger man pairings but without the surrounding publicity we now have via celebrity news and instant media.  And because of this, the use of the term cougar has gone from a pejorative term to one that is positive and has hit the popular mainstream of today’s media love of anything sexual.

Historically men have been involved with younger women [often very much younger women] and that was acceptable.  But women involved with younger men had not been so well received; that is until now.  [And the younger man in the relationship was never belittled as much as the older woman.]

So – you want to be a cougar?  Yes? Then go for it!

The 1st step in being or becoming a cougar is to not worry what others might think of you.  If you worry about how those “others” view you – you need to develop some tough skin as there are some, maybe even your friends, who will not approve of your “going cougar.”

The 2nd step is to look your best.  I’m one who thinks we all “look our age” because we <b>are</b> our age and that’s how we look.  But that said – the more general population has myths about how older woman look.  My article 5 Misconceptions About People Over 65 explores some of those myths.

Can we look younger?  I’m not sure of that in reality, but we can meet the societal mythology of “you don’t look your age.”   And we can do that by looking the best we can look.

And how do we look our best?  And especially, how do we do this if we are over 40, 50, 60 or even 70?   

Not by trying to look “young” in teenage type clothing!  Sorry – but teen clothes are for teens – not grown woman.  Few of us can carry off that skin-tight-belly-hip-showing style without looking like – well woman trying sadly to look like teens. 

Instead be a great example of who you already are! 


  • Lose the belly fat, exercise, and stretch. 
  • Be as lean and lithe as your body will allow and wear clothing that complements your body. 
  • Take care of your skin with water-based products; keep your hair neat and colored if you wish.
  • And do wear some makeup.  

Ready – set – go!! 

Get out there and be a cougar!

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