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January 6  


rebuilt website

At one point last year, I put new themes onto my websites and I fiddled around and switched those a few times. They were from the same company as had developed my older ones – so my learning curve was not going to be that bad [I thought.] 

Then I started playing with the different templates that were available for landing pages and blog posts and things like that –  then I got into the major [coast to coast] relocation and was not doing much with my websites other than to keep fiddling with the landing pages. I stopped writing blog posts. Then I stopped fiddling because I was busy with the move. Then I needed to unwind, unpack, set back up – then holidays.

You know – life intervened.

That is until recently when I decided to start writing blog posts again for various reasons – 1 being I like writing and 2 I’m trying to work my way into creating ideas for a podcast.

After a few days try I actually got through creating a blog post. It took a lot of my recollection and trial and error working through the theme and the templates and going back-and-forth trying to follow the instructions. I finally got it done and published it. Then I put it on a group on Facebook where people look at other blog posts and comment on them. That’s when I learned of the big oops.

A few people asked how can they comment!!

That’s when I looked and had my big oops laughing moment because in all of my getting ready I forgot to drag the comment section into the new template.

I had a fun conversation with a friend of mine who uses the same templates that I use and we laughed because it’s something she would do as well – so she’s now warned to check out comment sections and all other things that I might still find that make me go oops as I produce more and more blog posts and other pages.

Learning new technology is fun most of the time but I find that if I let it sit unused for too long, I forget how to do some of it…and make some oops errors. But I ave a sense of humor and I am not afraid of technology – I know I can keep learning – sometimes a bit more slowly – but hey – I fixed the error and am ready to make more mistakes – I learn from them….

If you want to comment there should be a section below where you can actually do that and I am going to make a template of the template or a clone of it so that all of these things are available to me to use for any and all blog posts on this website. I will have to redo it for my other websites but at least now I’m practicing how to figure it all out and not get too many oops


  • I spend a lot of time saying oops, especially about things technological, which is a step up from direct threats to throw the thing out the window, mainly because it doesn’t work… um… operator error…

    • Oh thank you for that comment it made my day. I agree – I’ve been tempted to throw computers and technological things out of windows too… My current reaction to technology not doing what I want it to do is just walk away from it and come back except sometimes I don’t get back for a long time and then I forget what I was doing and we’re back to oops again.

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