Mom was wrong [sort of]

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November 28  

beach chairDid your mother keep telling you to sit up straight? Mine did – every time I slouched while doing homework or on the telephone or just hanging out with friends in the living room….

Well it’s one thing she was wrong about…seems it is better to slouch – to a degree – actually to about 135 degrees. Saw this article when slouching at the computer – and I had to laugh…guess it’s why my back is fine…

And maybe it is why we see beach chairs as so relaxing?

It probably is not a good thing to constantly be slouched, no mater to what degree – getting up and moving around and varying the degree of “slouchiness” is likely to be better….moving usually beats sitting for long stretches.

So sorry mom – you were wrong and I am glad this is not one myth I passed on to my son..

    • Always glad when someone finds a much older post that has glitches and needs updating. Thank you for your comment and for pointing out that the link did not travel well [when I switched to WP] Now fixed and stuff added 🙂


  • Cute post, It’s funny after ready the first line, the first thing I did was straighten up from slouching. I always thought the don’t slouch mom warning was about manners more than my back.

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