End of 2006 coming soon


Wow – this year went by at warp speed for me…..and when we turn the new year, it becomes another year I have been in Portland as I moved into my “new” place in early January 2004. These 3 years went as fast as did 2006…. Is it as we age that years seem to go by faster? I don’t know – but one thing I do know is that I am going to start doing some serious research on the psychology of aging and finally do the “book” that I have thought about for a long time. At present my thought is to make it a combo of research along with interviews of “real” people …. We are not the same older generation as our parents or the boomers…we are different…

As I’ve said before, many of us still work because we like what we do. We are not sitting back and waiting for old age to creep up – we are out there “keeping on keeping on.” We are growing older better and we are setting an example for those “kids” behind us : o )

Native of NYC who moved a lot, got several degrees, and has been a lifelong writer and reader... I am interested in many things - and I write [and teach] about them - especially the human lifespan and healthy aging

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