It’s Fall and the scams increase!


October 5, 2007 in 

As we approach the end-of-the-year holidays [and we now start approaching them in August] the scammers are as busy trying to get your money as are the stores. “Gift” items are moved into prime retail space…online businesses are telling you to buy for the holidays…..

And the scammers are sending out numerous emails saying that your credit or debit card account has been compromised: reported as stolen, has strange charges on it, etc. You are asked to log in from the email page and give them all sorts of private information relating to your account – so they can “verify.”

I guess enough people fall for this that it makes them all money – but it is a scam – and if you believe them – you will lose ALL of the money in your account as they will withdraw it – BECAUSE – you have given them the info they need…

I am getting more and more of these by the day – allegedly from “banks.” But they are “banks” I have either never heard of and certainly do not use for my banking!

If you pay close attention, the return email address is odd…that’s a give away clue. Also in small often faint print at the bottom it asks you to not reply to the email…why? In reality it is a “throw-away” email address and they will never see

But more importantly:


If your bank needs to contact you, they have your phone number and your bank already has the information being requested in the phoney emails.

If your bank has your email address – they might say “you have a message – log in to read it.” That is what all my banks do.

So please – do not fall for these scare tactics. If in doubt – call your bank on the phone and ask if they really sent out that email.

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