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October 4  

Today I am back working on the book about child development – actually I did a lot of editing on it while in the courtroom yesterday as we had breaks…When it is done I will most likely offer some of it for free here and elsewhere and also sell the entire book online as well..It will be self-published and self-sold [is that’s a real phrase.]

After the child development book is done I have a few other books I want to write.

For whatever reason[s], and I mentioned it in another post, October 2007 is a GREAT October for me as I am on a role with ideas and plans of action. I wonder where the myths came from that we “older” persons just sit at home and vegetate and think back on our lives. I do think back but it’s not a bad thing – I use it to find ways to keep moving forward.

Several of my neighbors and I, all over 60, are forming a neighborhood ski club for the coming winter [it’s already snowing on Mt. Hood.] Happily as I am over 65, I get the cheapest ski deals! Hey – I “earned” it!

Think activity
Think happy
Think long health productive lives

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