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Still a legal junkie

I have been a legal junkie forever and that has not changed as I have aged…and if you have read some of my other blogs you know I also have a law degree – which I got when I was 51!

Anyway – on October 3, our little neighborhood [Portland is made up of small neighborhoods and ours it s the smallest] is going to court to try and keep a TRO [temporary restraining order] in place to forestall cutting of over 100 trees.

I live on the river side of a levee and we park and drive on the levee – it’s our road…also there are houses on the city side of this levee.

Long story sort of but when I learned we were being outright lied to about the need to cut down all the trees – I jumped into this fight and have offered my research and writing skills along the way….

If you are into trees, levees and or court hearings – you can read all about this at: http://ibridgeton.com

As I am the neighborhood blogger, I have been posting about this and will be at the hearing.

ain’t getting older fun?