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July 22  

sitting too many hours

I posted about sitting more than 3 hours a day as being bad for us…

then this came across my screen:

Inactivity is BAD BAD BAD

Inactivity is a major cause of death worldwide, with new research suggesting that a sedentary lifestyle is on par with both smoking and obesity when it comes to raising the risk for disease and mortality.

Since posting the first bit of research I have tried to not sit as much and move around a lot more yet here I am sitting …. again.

No matter how health conscious we are, it takes a whole lot more being conscious of how much sitting we do and how inactive we really are.

All this research is forcing me to take a look at my lifestyle and make changes.

I'm getting a new laptop and I plan on standing a lot more when I am on the computer…that's hard to do right now…

And as it is summer and nice out, I am walking more, biking and kayaking – but sitting is still something I am doing too much of..


Thoughts? Comments? Thank you….

  • Agree, agree, agree. Now…. what to do? Get off of this laptop for one, lol. Truly, though, we love to blog and visit blogs, and check the facebook, but it is a huge contributor to inactivity. Lately I have been trying to only check emails once a day (non-business) and set some limits. Good post!

    • Hi and thanks for the comment. Technology is a great addition to our lives but as you note it has added to inactivity. Limits are good as are reminders [visual or auditory] to get up and move.


  • I was recently talking with a friend who works for a huge corporation about the whole “sitting in front of the computer all day,” syndrome. He said his work provides them with a program on their computer that times how long they’ve been staring at the screen. Surprisingly, every 20 minutes it flashes a reminder when it’s time, so stand up, stretch, and look at the horizon for few minutes.

    I had actually forgotten about this important exercise and your post is a healthy, timely reminder. I think I’ll go take a bike ride before I start tomorrow’s post.

    My heart thanks you!

    • Debi – thank you for comment – it is much appreciated. Love the idea of a reminder and Jan below suggested setting an alarm.. I’m going to try that. Maybe we need a bloggers nagging device to remind us to move?


  • I read you blog about sitting to much, and I am making more of an effort!
    The fact that my ex had a heart attack last weekend at just aged 41 really hit home the fact that I have to change. My body is screaming at me and I am not listening.
    As much as I love what I do, it means I sit at the comp a LOT. Because that’s also how I chill out – sitting browsing and reading, the result is I am sitting far too much and not moving enough. A lot is not having a routine too.
    So this week I made a routine – which did mean being firm with myself over sitting times (complete with alarm clock!) I have fallen behind on the UBC as time at the comp ended up being all client work.
    Good luck with your lifestyle changes πŸ™‚ Kayaking, that sounds fun!

    • Jan – thanks for the comment. I’m trying hard to not sit so much but as you note – we need to do that for computer work and UBC….and even after posting it – I was at a meeting most all day that was more sitting.

      Tomorrow I hop in that kayak!! and stay out of my computer chair…and set my cell phone alarm to ensure I move! thanks for that advcie.


  • What a great reminder to get moving. Since starting to build my business, I find my rear in the chair more often than not. There’s just so much to do that’s it difficult to take the time away.

    However, knowing that you are right, about three months ago I started going to a chiropractor twice a week and try to find ways to move around more.

    • Hi Julia and thank you for the comment – I need to remind myself all the time too get out of the chair and MOVE!! It’s difficult when I am on a writing roll – but we all need to move more than we do…I say as I sit here again πŸ™


  • Great reminder post to keep my rear off of the sofa and my head off off the bed~!

    Because of my injuries and fairly serious health issues I’ve had for the last two years I’ve had to be very aware of my balance when walking. If I’m in public, or anywhere outside of my house I must walk with a cane

    OH ALERT…segue coming…- πŸ˜‰ and being horribly vain I’ve developed a fun little dance to do with the cane still keeping my balance…it totally relaxes the conversation or introduction…Ha~!)

    And we’re back~!…during the day, on the days that I am able, I can walk around my sweet & tiny cabin. Because of the way it is arranged (my design) I can ‘Furniture Walk’ everywhere…from table to wall to chair and on…through out.

    So, even though I’m a bit house-bound I have fun thinking up projects to keep me occupied and MOVING…Yeah~!

    In fact, today I’m going to rearrange the art in the sitting room while I listen to This American Life archives…I’m kinda excited~! I may even dance πŸ˜‰

    • Oh Janet – you do keep me in giggles [thank you muchly]
      another quote for my images [keep my rear off of the sofa and my head off off the bed]

      glad you can keep a sense of humor while you dance from post to post πŸ™‚ or is it pillar to post?


  • Sitting zaps your energy, too. Since I have made a conscious effort to get my butt up and start moving around a little more, my energy levels are through the roof! AND I am able to rest better at night. I’ve been getting 8 hours of sleep every night for weeks! And it’s all because I decided to become just a little more activeβ€”work out for 30 minutes to an hour at the 6 days a week and take a short walk after dinner each evening.

    • Hi Angie – thanks you for the comment – I had posted about sitting and after that I too tried being more active…but think my body needs way more activity than I now do πŸ™‚

      Your comment spurs me on – thanks


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