Inactivity is BAD


sitting too many hours

I posted about sitting more than 3 hours a day as being bad for us…

then this came across my screen:

Inactivity is BAD BAD BAD

Inactivity is a major cause of death worldwide, with new research suggesting that a sedentary lifestyle is on par with both smoking and obesity when it comes to raising the risk for disease and mortality.

Since posting the first bit of research I have tried to not sit as much and move around a lot more yet here I am sitting …. again.

No matter how health conscious we are, it takes a whole lot more being conscious of how much sitting we do and how inactive we really are.

All this research is forcing me to take a look at my lifestyle and make changes.

I'm getting a new laptop and I plan on standing a lot more when I am on the computer…that's hard to do right now…

And as it is summer and nice out, I am walking more, biking and kayaking – but sitting is still something I am doing too much of..


Thoughts? Comments? Thank you….

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