Growing Older? You Need A Sense of Humor

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July 8  

Ah aging! 

As I have gotten older, especially since I turned 65, I have been inundated with mail that goes into a category that I now call.......

junk mail in box

Information for those about to die

The mail is about falling, tripping, funerals, cremation, or selling me insurance so my family can pay for the funeral or cremation expenses.  

But I get nothing that ever tells me how to enjoy the rest of my life. It's all about "you're going to die so do something about it."

One of the mail pieces I laugh at is from an insurer who thinks I am about to fall - so I am told I need to keep my floor free of things I might trip over.

But I seem not able to get my dog and cat to pick up after themselves, and so my floor has an array of balls, chew toys, and other roundish objects all over the place.

All this is in addtion to my having cords to and from charging phones and computers - as well as the fact that keeping my house clear of clutter is lower than lowest on my priority list.

I plan on enjoying my lfe;
not worrying about dying!

Comments? Thoughts? Thank you!

I'm curious about aging....I'd like more info

  • It all seems very funny when all the one’s to encourage to live longer, are the same the people in a way wishing you to die or so it seems. Growing older with more grace, taking more time out to think about the goodness, that life has giving you and looking forward to more moment of bliss.

    Life just keeps getting better at 65, not until you reach 70 or 75 can you say I have seen a lot. Then at 75, it just the beginning of adventures visit new places, stay there for a while and move to newer places. Life can never stop, till when one dies. However, why bother with death when you are still alive. You can buy all the insurances and stay in a room till death comes around. Or can as well buy the insurances and set sail on an adventure that you’ll love.

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