AARP Member? United Health Care Customer? Look where your money goes!


August 6, 2009 in 

United Health Care – the CEO makes more in a day than most people make in years! But they are best known for denying coverage to clients AND for being the company that AARP sold/rented it’s name to!

Yes – if you have AARP medicare coverage – you are supporting this person in the video ! think about that! I did and after issues with the seemingly forever increasing monthly costs I switched – and I had only had AARP plan for about 9 months! And after I canceled I got a nasty call form them! So I was more glad I had quit and I also quit AARP…. AARP does not have my or your best interests at heat – all they care about is the $$$ they can make from the name [and from members]

From BraveNew Films:

What does UnitedHealthcare CEO Stephen Hemsley have to lose if Congress passes real healthcare reform this year? Well, for starters, his nearly three quarters of a billion dollars in unexercised stock options might lose a few pennies on the dollar.

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