Heat waves are BAD for you!

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August 6  

Wow – a 10 day heat wave – each day we hit at least 90 and a few were over 100 and up to 107. With no AC – inside my house was about 8 degrees cooler! Yes it meant when out was 107 – in was 99! And for several nights it never cooled off like “normal” although I fear these current patterns are the new normal.

I get heat exhaustion and I know how to take care of me – but this kind of weather gets to me no matter how well prepared I am. I get light headed and nauseous and don’t feel like eating. I literally ate meals when I did not want them as I knew that I had to eat…

No fun – sleep was bad even with fans going.

Anyway – IT”S OVER!!! and now I am catching up on what did not get done in that time frame….and trying to not overdo too much – already did that the other day and learned again that when you get older your body needs a little more time to recover from stress- no matter what caused the stress 😀

2 things:

1- next summer an air conditioner will be bought

2- I will be moving this blog to a new hosting service when I figure it all out and an announcement will be posted

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