November 5, 2008 in 

Last night was an emotional high. I’m active in my local county/state democratic organization and last night thousands of us filled part of the Oregon Convention Center and cried, cheered and hugged each other – friends and strangers alike…it did not matter if it was a person you just met or bumped into 🙂 you just hugged…

I still have a sore throat – but 3 1/2 hours of happy yelling will do that to you.

Many of us “older” citizens were there til way too late 🙂 along with month old infants and all ages in was too historic a moment to worry about the lateness of the evening.

Today, no matter who you voted for here, we are all one world – and we need to get along with each other across countries, ages and political leanings….

Life is too important for grudges … so let’s all grow older better and be wiser….

Native of NYC who moved a lot, got several degrees, and has been a lifelong writer and reader... I am interested in many things - and I write [and teach] about them - especially the human lifespan and healthy aging

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