The Economy and Us – No Fear Necessary

Lynn Dorman, Ph.D. // 


November 9  

The world economic picture is sort of grim right now.  Job losses are increasing.  Banks are closing.  Retirement accounts are getting slimmer and the Social Security increase is going to be approximately a whopping $46 per month per recipient!

Although newly elected President Obama wants to work on a new stimulus plan when Congress reconvenes…it’s not a sure thing since this is a lame duck Congress and some politicians are, unfortunately, wedded to an obstructionist philosophy.  But it can a time for great opportunity and not a time to fear.  Many businesses do well in this downturn.

If I might make a suggestion – if you are interested in increasing your monthly income working from home – please look at network marketing companies. Many are great companies.  You must be careful when selecting the one you want to work with – and you must love the products – but if you do that – network marketing works well in a bad economy.

For example – my own business is taking off right now.  Why?  A fat loss product that is safe and the ability to make money by letting others know about it.  Most of us know people who want to lose weight and so friends and friends of friends are now part of my business.  To be honest I never really tried hard to do this as a serious business.  I’ve been with this company for over 10 years as a customer who loves the products and one who would tell others only when they asked.

That has now changed.  Maybe it’s the economy and maybe it’s my high energy even after the long campaign season – which I attribute to the new fat loss product.  I now feel comfortable telling others to try it – in a much more direct tone of voice 🙂

And duh! I get new customers and business partners!

So look into network marketing for a possible way to not be affected by the economic downturn…You might be pleasantly surprised.

I am working on a website to talk more about the company with which I am associated.  But if you want info more quickly than I get that up and running…I am reachable by clicking on my complete profile and emailing me from that page.

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