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March 20  

This is a follow-up to the bad pet food story…

In this day and age we as consumers have to be very pro-active…

I’m not sure what on a label would alert people to the bad pet food, but we do know that toxic skin care products and toxic people foods are being sold – and we know that the FDA is not inspecting as much as they should [see news article below.]

My way to deal with all this is to be sure my immune system and those of my dog and cat are as well taken care of as possible – “just in case”….and if you’ve read my political blog – you know my feelings about this administration and it almost assures us there will be a “just in case” a bit too frequently….

They knew about the bad pet food on February 20th!

From the CBC website: full story HERE

The investigation is focusing on wheat gluten used at two U.S. plants as the likely source of contamination.

The FDA first learned of a potential problem after receiving complaints on Feb. 20 and followed up by feeding the “cuts and gravy” product to 40 to 50 cats. Of those, seven animals died, said Stephen Sundlof, the FDA’s top veterinarian. He added the contamination appeared more deadly to cats than to dogs.

I love my pets and my food is not on the list – and I don’t feed pouches and/or wet food to them.

Turns out the the bad stuff most likely comes from two US plants – not the Canadian manufacturer..interesting?

We live in a country where people food is bad and pet food is bade…any connection to an administration that has curtailed inspections of food? Hmmmmm

More that needs investigating – but we know that democrats can multitask and do more than who-knows-how-many investigations at the same time.

From the AP FEBRUARY 27

FDA food-safety inspections steadily decreasing

By Andrew Bridges and Seth Borenstein

The Associated Press

WASHINGTON — The federal agency that has been front and center in warning the public about tainted spinach and contaminated peanut butter is conducting just half the food-safety inspections it did three years ago.

The cuts by the Food and Drug Administration come despite a barrage of high-profile food recalls.

“We have a food-safety crisis on the horizon,” said Michael Doyle, director of the Center for Food Safety at the University of Georgia.

Between 2003 and 2006, FDA food-safety inspections dropped 47 percent, according to a database analysis of federal records by The Associated Press.

Full article HERE

Guess we should start asking who knew about all this bad food and when did they know it?

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