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January 15  

It think it was Mark Twain who said about weather “wait a minute and it will change.”

Anyway – here’s to that minute – no matter where you live….

This winter is odd – not having been in Portland for many winters, I am finding that cold when you live in a floating home is COLD COLD COLD…Not only do we not have basements, we have a river running under our floors..and heat rises – so you can guess what the floors feel like. I bought tent booties for this current arctic flow – figured if a booty as made for walking around a tent and campground, it would work for a floating home….Ahhhh my feet are finally happy…..

Not sure if my feeling cold is due to age, house or what – but I felt coder this past week than when it was 25 below back East…and that was before taking wind chill into effect. But being one to deny the age factor – I am sure it’s the floor : – )

And in other parts of the USA/ and other countries, the weather has been worse than it is here – so let’s hurry that minute up so we get back to “normal” – whatever that is in these days of climate change…

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