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Are we ready ?

Saw this article in the Times about caring for infirm parents: click here

It was sad and made me ask: do we have “real” discussions with our children about caring for us when we get infirm?

I have only one child and he is in college – he had been in the military….He jokes that I need to stay in perfect health for at least another 10 years so he can have a life…also he was born when I was 38 1/2…another factor to take into account these days. Many of my friends had kids when they were near or over 40 – meaning that our kids are still young when we are getting old….

I do know that if I were to be infirm, he’d do what he can to take care of me – and the dog and the cat – [he knows how attached I am to my animals] but it would be a burden to him….so we just joke about it. That’s easy to do as we are both very healthy right now…..But….as I asked are we ready? For me”no” is the true answer….

Happy New Year to all.