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February 21  

This is for the women readers who use make up and store bought skin care products…
Here’s one short portion from an article:

“Common ingredients found in U.S. personal-care products include phthalates, which have been linked to malformed or underdeveloped reproductive organs in males; formaldehyde, classified as a carcinogen; and parabens, endocrine-active preservatives that have been found in breast tumors. Many ingredients are exempt from labeling requirements because the product formulas are protected as proprietary, the report notes.”

Here is some information to ponder – no matter how much good stuff you have in a skin product…if there are parabens present, they inhibit the cells from absorbing and benefiting from the nourishing ingredients in these products. They also are found in breast cancer tumors and become carcinogenic when in contact with the sun rays.

So check to see if your skin care products contain parabens, preservatives or chemicals….

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