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February 19  


This has been a week of “bad” food news. Bad peanut butter, bad cooked packaged chicken breasts, tainted cantaloupe and recalled bad baby food are all in the news this week.

I’m glad I am older and eat my supplements … food is undergoing a serious challenge these years. We have few family farms and the big conglomerates own the farm land, mass produce unhealthy “stuff” by over using fertilizer, pick the “stuff” before it is ripe, ship it off to far away places…and then tell us it’s good for us…

Field ripened food is the food that contains the good things we need – ripening with chemicals or in the truck does not make for good nutrition. Have you ever noticed what the birds and bugs eat from your garden? It’s the ripened things – the unripened stuff is not even attractive to the pests. My dog awaits ripe strawberries before he goes to the plants – only then do I have to put up a barricade to keep him away…he knows…

Today’s fruit has so little nutrition value we would need to eat 53 peaches today to get the nutritional value of what we got from 2 peaches back in 1951!

The more we process the farms and the food, the less nutritious the food, or the more contaminated it is…and “they” want us to eat genetically modified food? Trust the big food corporations? Not me….

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