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January 19  

No matter where you live, your age, your political persuasion or who you voted for – tomorrow is a world changing Inauguration..

I used to live in Washington, D.C. and it’s nice to see it shine in anticipation of tomorrow’s major changing event…It’s also nice to see ow the rest of the world is also anticipating the political shine of Washington, D.C. to come back.

As a community organizer Obama “gets it.” He has dealt with elderly, poor, young and middle aged people and understands what is needed for and from all of us.

What changes can we who are older expect? For starters – some respect. We won’t be seen as a group feeding at the public trough of social security; we will be seen as caring people who have a lot of wisdom to share; a lot of organizational know-how; a willingness to work/help and a lot of experience to pass along – after all most readers here are older than Barack Obama 😀

So here’s to a brighter future for the world!

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