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March 7  

The scammers stay many steps ahead of those trying to catch them

We have been warned in Oregon by our Attorney General – and I’m sure it is elsewhere as well [in the USA] :

The scams about the stimulus money are here!

Please be careful if you get calls, emails or snail mail asking for personal information “necessary” for you to get your share of the stimulus package money….

If you are due any money – you will get it –

The scammers are out to get to your bank accounts and credit/debit cards to take your moey AWAY from you…

Also be very aware in this bad economy to not fall into the get rich quick schemes that are abounding. My email has been getting hit hard every day with more of those “we have your money waiting for you” and the otehr ones I have written about over time – only now they are coming at a faster pace due to the bad world wide economy.

Stay safe and if in doubt – call your Attorney General’s Office to ask. There is no such thing as a silly question about money these days.

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