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More About That Running

I have been running several times a week since I got my new shoes…I love them that much…they make me feel like dancing – oh yes like running ๐Ÿ˜€

Gave them a work out the other day – mud, wet sidewalks, wet grass and city streets….That day was more of a fast walking pace than running and I realized that my walking is now easily faster. The running has improved my walking and has made my dog happier as well as he is getting much more exercise.

Here are some photos of me and dog after one such run and a close up of the shoes which can be bought online at:
[I liked the shoes so much I told them I’d give their site a mention here :D]

When you take a picture of yourself with a remote – the remote is visible [in my right hand]

Sam the dog is happily chewing his rawhide bone while lying on his soft bed.