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The down-side of aging

Got a call last night from a friend’s daughter letting me know her mom had died in November. My friend was 74 and a vibrant politically active go-getter who advocated on behalf of those who are usually forgotten.

Coming one week after hearing about my other friend’s death – I am a bit discombobulated. My age is about half way between that of these two and it leaves me wondering – and sad.

I know that as we age we lose friends and family. My own mother who lived to be 95 once lamented that all her friends from her past had died. She had newer friends, mostly younger than her, but those are a different kind of friend; you do not have the same history with them. Well – unless you meet the new ones and then live another 40-60 years….

I have new friends in Portland, but I have only known them at max for 4 years. Some are my age; many younger. Maybe we will all grow as close as I was to my older friends – those from childhood, college, grad school and on….I hope so.