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July 6  

Having my son around and my schedule off a bit took some getting used to. Now we are both doing our own thing. He is working, playing and generally enjoying this part of the country – he’d never been here for more than a few days.

He’s made new friends and caught up with some he knew from DC who now live out here. It made me stop and think again of friends. I stayed in touch with only one childhood friend – but she stayed in touch with others – so now some of us – the regular emailing types are back in touch.

I am in more frequent contact with friends from D.C. and a few from Vermont – but most from high school, college and graduate school days are gone. Sometimes I go onto the Internet doing searches and have found one or two but statistics say that “we” do not use the Internet as much as others – so are we never to get back in touch? I hope not…Many of my friends have moved around so it’s hard to know where to look.

Hopefully some day we will all meet up here on the blog : – friends) or in general cyberspace.

But we all need friends – they keep us healthy – so if you lost contact with some from the past -find them – and also make new ones wherever you are.

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