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Still exercising

Even as we age there are major breakthroughs in our physical abilities. I mentioned that I was into cycling again and recently I got over a major hurdle. Since I ski, my quads are in pretty good ski shape, but that’s not the same shape it takes to do a standing run on a bike…..So for months I was getting better at a standing hill climb but once we stared to go into a sprint or a run I folded and sat down – my quads screaming at me! I’ve hung in at the classes because my original goal was to be in shape for the Bridge Pedal in Portland this coming weekend – about 36 miles of road cycling over the 10 bridges.

Anyway back to my breakthrough. This week I was able to stand up and sprint – and my quads were not screaming! I was amazed that I could do this..it was a sudden breakthrough too as I could not do this in the previous class…..

The moral? We are never too old to improve our stamina, quads, energy or strength! We keep on going and we keep getting better. After all – we can grow older better.

PS – I do sip on one of my sport drinks as I pedal and I take another after……