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March 28  

If you are a woman, you are most likely not getting enough sleep – or enough exercise.

Why?  Because, in spite of any changes in our cultures, women still have the most responsibilities.  And when pinched for time, women forgo sleep and exercise.  I know – because I do this too – for me it's the exercise….if I get busy, I don't go to the gym – knowing full well that any intention of "working out" at home – is really a feeble excuse to skip the work out entirely.

From a National Sleep foundation Study we learn:

"… that when pressed for time, one half of women responded that sleep (52 percent) and exercise (48 percent) were the first things sacrificed.

But when women were tired or ran out of time, 39 percent also reduced the time they spent with friends and family, 37 percent stopped eating healthily and 33 percent stopped having sex with their partner. '

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