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March 29  

                         Are you stressed?


Or are you among the rare 25% of Americans who are not greatly stressed at least once a week?  [A number down from 45% about 25 years ago.]

Why we have so many more people feeling stressed these days has been attributed to factors such as job concerns, crime, changing societal and religious practices, etc.

I am not sure what stresses you, but I do know that the two reasons most people do not sleep well at night are worries about their health and their finances.

And I also know that lack of adequate sleep is one major cause of stress and that stress is a major cause of health problems.

A caveat – some stress is good for us – it can be motivating.  This is about that great stress that can be harmful.

Stress takes one on a cycle of – well – more stress.

The cycle goes like this:

  • worry about health and money
  • sleep less well
  • get more stressed
  • get stress-related illnesses
  • worry more about health
  • sleep even less well
  • get even more stressed
  • and so on…..

Here are 5 ways to start reducing your stress:

1 – you must get adequate sleep


  • going to bed at the same time every evening
  • not watching TV in bed
  • not having an argument before bedtime
  • not reading murder mysteries at bedtime
  • no late night eating – except maybe a glass of warm milk

2 – you must exercise

I know it's harder to exercise when you are stressed. So think of daily small things you can do that make your body move.

  • stairs instead of elevators
  • walking more
  • jumping jacks.
  • hopping or running in place in your house while watching TV or listening to the radio

3 – you must eat properly

4 – you have to socialize

5 – And the hardest for many – you must earn more income

To read the specifics for stress busters 3, 4 and 5  – please read my article 5 Stress Busters and return here to chat about it and the stress busting methods you use.



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