Skin Care – Week 1

Lynn Dorman, Ph.D. // 


April 24  

OK – the 1st week – the top photo was taken before I started with the products last Monday evening and I took the recent photo after this morning’s skin care “session.”

One thing I am learning – it’s hard to take photos of yourself if you hold the camera in you hand : -) but the point is not a “great” picture but a look at me series….

It may not be all that visible to you but I see the dark circles under my eyes as fading – especially under the right eye. The one under my left – and weaker eye- has always been darker.

I tend to see my mouth wrinkles as smoothing out too – and that’s nice….

Week 2 next week! The research on these products indicates a major change after 8 weeks – so we’ll keep looking and posting. And by next time I will have gotten the much needed hair cut : – )

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