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April 28  

Let me ask you a question. Do you get frustrated, angry or otherwise bent out of shape when you car is not working well?

Mine was in for “major surgery” which took a lot longer than anyone thought – due to all the underneath corrosion from years of being in New England…..[amazing what that salt, sand and who-know-what does to your car. ]

Got my car back but the gas tank is needing to be re-replaced as the new [used] one has a problem…
It’s drivable but I still got antsy – why?

A friend said she feels the same way and it’s about independence…even if we do not drive our cars – we like to know they are around and ready to go – just in case. And if you know there is a problem with the car – it takes away that little bit of independence? Sounds right to me…

The question then is obvious…What on earth will we do when we can no longer drive safely? Giving up a license has got to be worse than not having a car in “great” shape….I’ve taken the “older” driver classes and learned some things – and we always talk about when do you give up that license… as it is a sure loss of a large degree of independence….as I see it now…but there is a part of me that is and has been tired of driving for a while now… I will ponder this questions myself…as I get ready to drive somewhere : -)

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