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July 18  

Listen to your body – it talks to you and tells you what it needs and it can do a lot if given the appropriate equipment.

I’m a skier so let me use a ski analogy. Skiing can be tiring and it’s even more so with older equipment. When I first skied we had leather boots with laces and very heavy long skis with heavy bindings. But I was a lot younger then – in my 20’s and I hardly noticed how tiring it was – it was too much fun. As I aged- into my 50’s – I began to think there had to be a solution to all the work skiers knees do and I fell in love with what were called shaped skis or parabolic skis. I was the first I know to buy a pair..and it made all the difference to my body. The skis DO THE WORK ! I’m into a newer shorter pair these days and will continue to monitor newer models of skis …

While learning of new ski equipment I also came across new inner body equipment – food supplements. For sports fans, think of supplements as the nutritional version of shaped skis, lightweight bikes and titanium softball bats. It’s all about helping us do what we do better and to keep at it for many more years than in the last century.

The ingredients in supplements are not “new” – they used to be found in our daily food – but no more. These are products that help us live well, feel great and look great!

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Lynn Dorman, Ph.D.