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November 27  

This week I got back into doing more exercising. Admittedly, I am one who takes exercise out of my schedule when I get busy knowing that is BAD for me! It’s usually bad for everyone – but most of us stop exercising when we have other things to do.

I started feeling more tired even tho I get sufficient sleep – so I felt too tired to get to the club and then of course the cycle continued. I was getting there for a cycling class but doing “serious” exercise only twice a week is not the best for me and it led to the tired feeling…..

So today I added yoga back into my schedule. In the summer I do yoga at home to the tapes I have – but as soon as it gets cold – which it did on September, my floor is too cold to stand on with bare feet – and so out went the yoga.

What finally got me back was the realization that we are entering celebratory season – and I love parties. So figured I’d beat the New Year Resolution crowd and be in great shape before January 1…besides I have a birthday coming up in January and I’d really prefer being in a whole lot better shape, and a few pounds lighter, than last year…which was not that bad a shape – but we can always improve on our health and I started on improving mine today..

And I really want to get back to playing squash before my D.C. friend comes in late December – so I don’t look like such a dork on the squash court when we play!

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