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December 2  

December came in like the rhyme about March – a lion…..a very windy wet lion. My house was being bumped around a bit and all are tying down anything that could fly off into the river…somehow though I doubt December will go out like the lamb of that same rhyme!

I moved my chairs and plants away from the edges as we were moving a bit too much. I have always been an indoor and outdoor plant person – and here most of my plants can make it through the winter outdoors which is good as some of the indoor plants I bought when I first arrived have gotten so big that I have no room for them in the house – and besides the pots are now quite heavy….I do bring in the more “delicate” plants and the ones I know do not like to be wet all the time : – )

Enjoy your December but do stay safe – it seems to be bringing some pretty miserable storms across the country….

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Lynn Dorman, Ph.D.