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July 7  

From everything I hear, there might be a small increase in Social Security for 2012 – BUT – any increase is likely to be offset by an increase in the cost of Medicare. So it seems we will be into year 3 of no actual increase in the monthly income.

The economy is improving slightly but I'll bet older people are not the ones that will be getting hired or getting the "good" jobs.

Older people with experience are seen as requiring higher pay levels.  It's better for the bottom line to hire young people for lower pay.

Then there is the office mentality [shh – it's a well kept secret] of not hiring people smarter or more capable than you because they might "get" your job. 

People who are not seen as threats are safer hires.

In short: The job market isn't going to look too good for older workers for a long while – if ever. And if you rely on Social Security – it's not going to increase.

I therefore put this question out there for you:

If you want to increase your income [and most do] why not be your own boss?

Stop job hunting!

For most, job hunting is a debilitating experience. You apply for many jobs and do not even get a courtesy reply of "sorry." You don't even get an acknowledgement that your resume has been received. In fact, you never hear anything from the places you apply to.

And if you do manage to get a live interview, you may still never hear from them again. Interviews are done for many reasons, and, in my opinion, not all of them ethical reasons.

What can you do to earn money?

  • Become your own boss!
  • Become an entrepreneur!
  • Do what you always wanted to do!
  • Turn your long time dreams into reality!

There is much to say about being self employed or an entrepreneur that I'll post on the topic over the next few weeks.

Stay tuned in


Comments?  Questions?

  • I think the older generation has so much to offer in terms of knowledge and skills that we should stop begging for jobs and start coaching instead. 

    • Thank you for saying that. It fits in with what i will be posting next. Yes we have a lot to offer and we need to do just that!

    • Why thank you 🙂 It was a fun picture to make via powerpoint

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