New? scam styles for 2008

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January 7  

I guess people caught onto the heir scams, the constant spam about winning billions, the IRS refund scams and so now we have a newer take on all these.

Among the current crop of emails are a new batch from dying persons allegedly in hospitals who want to give away all their money but are too sick to do so and can’t seem to contact their estate attorneys – but they have computers, Internet access and all and are quite able to use them…Okay – but after a few of the same sob stories it does gets tiresome – hey but at least the dead husband emails have stopped.

Another batch are from those thanking me for contacting them and letting me know they have my money in escrow just awaiting my contacting them again including, of course, a strangely titled fee and verifying my address…Sure – like I ever contact you to being with [But I guess enough people do this to make it wort their while.]

And those scammers who warn me that scammers are out there and to be careful – but letting me know they are not scammers like those others!

But best of all I like the new end notes on the spammers emails – they only want me to buy into their business and tell me that they are not spamming and if I click on a particular link I will be removed and then – in serious tones – they tell me that any alleging that an email like theirs is spam – is engaging in illegal activity and link you to this “law.”

I clicked thru on one of the remove me links – I usually don’t – but it went nowhere. And their link to the law does not say what they state – but I am guessing they scare off a lot who might report them. I don’t deal with the individual spammers but I sometimes alert senders that have bought into a spamming system. Many thank me and say they are just buying “leads” – usually sold under false pretenses so I figure they are business newbies and need warnings.

Ah – life on the Internet – I have become a techie, love the online world, and know where my delete buttons are…

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