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January 15  

This year started with my being so busy I not only did not exercise I did not post to this blog…

I am a firm believer in do as I say – not as I do : – )

It’s much easier to be the one dispensing advice than it is to take advice – something I figured out a while ago.

I was trying to help a friend with some marketing ideas and some other friends with weight management issues.
What did I tell them? DO DO DO…but while advising them to DO – I was not DOing my own stuff!

So this week I am back to doing – went to the health club, did more working on my own business and art project and got some mess under control.

My art group will have a show at the Oregon Jewish Museum in February and the theme is Exodus…. I decided to make mine my own story of my 40 years between leaving New York and arriving in Portland. Not sure yet how it will be displayed – or even what exactly I will display – but the 40 year journey seemed more than a simple coincidence.

In the last few weeks I have been sorting through decades of photos – family photos, some of my many trips, different places I have lived, pets I have had – and some of this trip through photo-nostalgia is sad…some happy…and most amazing!

You know those photos and slides you never labeled because you were so sure you would always remember that person? that place? that flower? that tree? that river? mountain? waterfall?

Guess what? Even when a date is stamped on the slide – I am not too sure where it was taken or of what….The older photos from my early years into my teens are of people no longer recall – even when there is a name associated with the picture.

Some photos I have were taken of and by my mother – many from before she was married and some from after. [As I was the photobug I got the box and albums of her photos.] Now I wish I had sat down with her and had her recall more about her life…she lived to be 95 but I never spoke with her with the photos in hand – even when she was visiting for weeks on end. We talked about it – but it always seemed here would be time to do this – at some other time….

The moral of all the above? DO and do it now…

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