My son got married!

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January 13  

my "baby" got married        

This "baby" got married last week!


I often say that I don't believe in coincidences – I believe that all things are related even if they may not seem so to others.


For example – my son got married on January 5th – to his long time g.f. – presided over by a judge at the marriage court in Chicago.  [No one there but them as they will do a ceremony and reception in Oregon this summer]

That date also marked the 7th anniversary of my buying my house in Portland Oregon!

My son was with me here when I put in the offer but had gone back to Chicago soon after and I am not sure he knows the closing date. [Everyone in the neighborhood knows as it was the ice storm of 2004.]

If I had not moved to Portland, he would not have been here to visit me one summer and meet his now-wife…so no coincidence that the dates match – it was already in the "scheme of the universe."

There are so many more universe schemes at play but those are grist for another mill – or another post…


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