My Friend is Still Ill


March 30, 2009 in 

It’s been a week of ups and downs for her – they removed the breathing tube only to have to put it back in and sedate her again.

Her son is good at sending daily updates but when we heard she was worse and then did not hear from him – two of us were very worried. One conversation last night between another friend and I really showed me how we all have a different way to cope with a possible impending death.

I kept saying “I won’t go there – I won’t talk about her dying at all” – “I am sending her healing prayers” and the other person was more into talk of her not having to redo her life as she was so totally complete in this one. To me that sounded a bit too pessimistic so I stuck to my “I won’t go there” like a broken record.

Later a message from her son came – but it was after 11:30PM on the East Coast. I called my friend back as I knew she would not mind being awakened for good or even bad news. I read it to her – we were so happy and clearly relieved that there was improvement. Then we chatted for an hour or more with tales of the sick pal. She is a character – an individual – and there are many such tales – all of which we need now to get into written form and gather these kinds of tales from other mutual friends as well.

I do not believe in coincidences – for me all has a purpose. So when I had also been asked last week to review an ebook on writing family folk tales – I saw there was a reason I got that task the same week my friend got so ill.

I’ll post my book review tomorrow – but for now just keep in mind when you think thoughts about your family or people you love – be they funny or sad or quirky – write them down..

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