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June 21  

Last week after I wrote what I did – my son suggested that maybe it was a need for a different assortment of exercises.

I went “duh!” of course….bodies, mine, adapt to doing the same exercise on a regular basis…and I was doing the cycling twice a week for more than two years….and even tho the instructor varies the workout each class, I think I was having sameness burnout….but maybe that’s also a part of aging. The instructors and many of the users of the club do the same classes over and over and seem not to burn out.

The Silver Sneaker classes are too “tame” for me right now but several people I have come to know go to them daily and do not talk of workout burnout – but most of them were never into sports or strenuous exercise when they were younger. So maybe it’s just me or maybe it’s something to do with one category of “people-who-are-aging.” Who knows? – it’s something that I will continue to think about.

But for now – I have not been to the club to do cycling…instead I have been doing an hour of yoga a day at home [with videos] and taking my dog for long walks. And for the yoga [it’s Iyengar], I am doing a different set of poses each day and spreading them out throughout the day so this too does not fall into a pattern.

No surprise – I feel more energized and less wrung out by the exercise. Next week I will return to one cycling class for the cardio workout it provides…and I’ll see if I have the same recovery issues…and maybe I’ll take my squash racket and get back to practicing that sport.

Stay I said – we are all learning about aging….

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