More heart than leg : – )


One would think that after a lifetime of being active I’d know what my body can do – or not do?
Not quite : – 0

Went skiing last Sunday and not only was it my first ski day of the season – it was warm out there…. lots and lots of leg muscle needed to make it through the wet heavy snow…. I went with friends who have skied all season and they too quit when I did…it was that kind of day….

Went to my cycling class Monday morning and that’s when I found that my heart was in better shape then my legs! I could not keep my heart rate at it’s normal workout number….[ in fact it was way lower than my usual workout rate] Whoda thought?

Glad I have the heart rate monitor or I would not have seen this and learned that my legs were more worn out than my heart…..Yes I knew my legs were worn out- knew that while skiing….but I never paid attention to the fact that the next day they were still very worn out and it was the legs that were not working as opposed to my body being tired….

So here’s to healthy hearts and new knowledge – we can all learn more about our bodies all the time…

And – the for skin care – it’s week 3 and no differences that I see except that I got some sun while skiing and it’s now warm enough that I don’t have a sweat shirt on – but the face looks the same…

Next week is week 4 – the magic 28 days of bettering my skin cells – so we will wait and see what I look like next week.

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