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November 24  

One of today’s headlines:

Private Medicare Plans Have Added Costs, for Little Gain

Why is this? Because all those companies now trying to get you to switch to them get a subsidy from the government and here is no incentive to cut costs…

…two analysts from the Medicare Payment Advisory Commission…said that growth in private plans had driven up costs because the government pays them 13 percent more on average than what it would spend for the same beneficiaries in traditional Medicare.

And we wonder why we are among the least healthy societies on earth while our medical costs are among the highest – if not the highest…..

In short GREED is the name of our economic game and look where it got us…expensive everything, low wages, declining retirement funds, job loss and…and…and – the list goes on..

I’m glad I am older and am not starting out in college, starting a family or looking for a job…

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