Just one of "those" days

Lynn Dorman, Ph.D. // 


November 20  

A typical Pacific Northwest day – except that we got spoiled since we have not had too many of them this year.

It’s a wet 54 degrees and every so often the sun shines brightly and the rain diminishes. Have not seen a rainbow yet but they are typical on days like this – we even get double rainbows.

But while we enjoyed our warm, and mostly dry, October and November – some parts of the USA needed rain desperately and I hope they are getting enough now.

What concerns me even more – nice as October was – it was the second warmest October in record keeping history. Oceans are warmer, land masses are warmer, air is dirtier and less able to do what cleaner air can do…etc. We need to act to save our planet.

I’d rather have the usual October and November rain knowing that future generations will have a planet to call home.

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