Maybe It’s Time to Start Running Again


August 11, 2008 in 

I used to run – not far and not consistently. When I lived in Boston the Boston Marathon always was an incentive to start running but…that fizzled in the heat of a Boston summer or cold of a Boston winter…

Then in DC I lived near a track and ran on that with some neighbors and trained a bit with a friend who was into marathons. Back in New England I ran again but since arriving in Portland – I have not run at all – oops.. but I walk a lot 🙂

So when read this today – I thought – hmmm – maybe it is time to start running again..

Regular running slows the effects of aging, according to a new study from Stanford University School of Medicine that has tracked 500 older runners for more than 20 years. Elderly runners have fewer disabilities, a longer span of active life and are half as likely as aging non runners to die early deaths, the research found.

“The study has a very pro-exercise message,” said James Fries, MD, an emeritus professor of medicine at the medical school and the study’s senior author. “If you had to pick one thing to make people healthier as they age, it would be aerobic exercise.” The new findings will appear in the Aug. 11 issue of the journal Archives of Internal Medicine.

Full article here

Tomorrow morning – I’m going out for a run!

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