Life During a Major Snow Storm on the River

Lynn Dorman, Ph.D. // 


December 23  

Again – thankful for friends, neighbors and local pets…..

I am thankful I have great neighbors and that river living produces lasting friendships – when the possibility of serious weather related issues is high, like this week, everyone helps out – no one gets bent out of shape about anyones stress levels…and we all watch out for each other.

Yesterday I had to go on my roof to shovel off some snow and ice and did it only when I knew neighbors were on hand to pay attention. My roof is relatively flat so as long as I stayed in the middle where my vents are I was ok – and the snow shoveling crew just kept looking up to check. We all had work to do to keep our houses from tipping to one side …an aspect of winter life on the river…photo below is my roof and the vents – I went back up later to do more.

Then we had a pot luck dinner at one friend’s house and we all brought portions made with what we had in our own houses. Overall we had a great meal – and superb deserts.

Good friends, great neighbors and playing with all the dogs in the snow and watching the one cat that seems to be loving snow [not mine] makes life great in the midst of some pretty bad weather. My fearless cat has met her match – she does not like deep snow 😀

But we will welcome the normal warmer rain days predicted for this weekend….no one will say UGH more rain this year….

PS Note our high tech snow removal equipment – brooms!
[and one shared moorage snow shovel]

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