Arctic Winds and Burst Pipes!

Lynn Dorman, Ph.D. // 


December 17  

For the last few days I have had frozen pipes which of course burst yesterday. So no water and no fun. I realized how much we rely on running water for our comfort. Luckily I have good friends as neighbors and one left me keys so I could take a hot shower this morning.

I filled pots with water before we shut off my main water supply and had to heat it for washing dishes and my hands. I tried to reframe all this as being on a camping trip when ones turn to wash dishes was a real treat – hot water! wow!

But that did not work as my brain kept saying “this isn’t a camping trip.”

The outdoor temperature rose just enough for the broken pipes to be capped and the glue to hold [I hope]. Floating homes are plumbed with cut and glue plastic piping…not hard to fix but when your hands are an inch or so above a very cold river – no fun … the person who did the fixing is a friend’s son and works with the owner of our moorage .. He’s also young and he was able to reframe this as a fun puzzle as he figured out how to do the fix [ah youth :D].

I’ll have him do a permanent re-plumbing this summer. That is not a winter activity.

I now have water only in my bathroom but I have water and can take a hot shower..

Hope all of you are toasty warm with both hot and cold running water – and electricity.. We really are spoiled – we don’t appreciate what we have until it stops working for us!

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