Letting go of some dreams

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May 5  

I always had the fantasy of hiking the Appalachian trial – all of it – from Georgia to Maine. I’ve been on many “pieces” of the trail but the idea of the whole through-hike was a dream I had since I was in my 20’s and in New York. I’ve read books about it and figured that “someday” I’d do the hike.

Then I went to Graduate School, then I had a child, then I was a single parent, then it got too dangerous for women to hike the trail, then I moved west and then – I gave up that dream. Do I feel bad about it? Nope. But today I was thinking of other short term or long term dreams we have – and wondered when do we let them go?

I always wanted to write. I still want to do this – and I know that I have some books in me – and that dream continues. I own a loom and once knew how to weave but the loom sits, in need of some repair after years of non-use. Will I ever weave again? or will this be another dream I let go? I’m not sure…But having hauled the loom cross-country, damn, I’ll keep it a while and see if I get it fixed soon : -)

What dreams do you have that you let go? or think you might let go? Or dreams you actually realized?

Does letting go of a dream feel bad? or does it feel good? some long held dreams can become baggage if it seems they are never going to really happen….

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