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May 10  

I am not one to push going to a physician or getting tests, and I am certainly not a good example to follow … but in the past two weeks I decided to get a physical and get some testing done …. seems peer pressure works …. some friends here and there were doing this [again] and so I figured it was time to see if I had any problems as I had not seen a physician in almost two years. Besides I had just signed on with a new primary care provider and figured I might as well meet her : – )

Good news – I am healthy ….. or at least that how I interpret all those blood test results – as all were within normal ranges. So I told my friends I was normal – they laughed – so I added – physically… and they laughed louder!
Other news – there are things I continue to “forget” like getting a tetanus booster … It’s only been at least 37 or 38 years since the last one and I haven’t stepped on any bad stuff in that period of time … It was a rusty nail that got me the booster the last time!
So – I can’t preach about getting checked out with any great regularity – but I do continue to preach about food-based vitamins and supplements as I am sure that is why I feel so great and am in such good shape for such an “old” lady…

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