Januarys, Birthdays, and A Little Rant

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January 8  


Is it because it is January?

Or is it because my birthday is this month?


Every January, I get a five dollar coupon for a local restaurant that has good food.

But I also get mail from a company that wants to sell me cremation services.

Next up, I know I will get the annual blurb from my Medicare advantage program with all the nonsense about how to take care of my aging body.

I gather they send this to everyone as if we are all the same because we happen to be over 65.

It is usually chock full with good information like making sure your floors do not have any clutter on them.

Well, duh! What happens when you have young cats, a puppy, and are a genetic-clutter person?

They also tell me to be concerned if I get depressed and give me a telephone number to call – because we all know that anybody over 65 is bound to get depressed.

Wish instead they offered advice on safety guides for riding your bike when you’re getting older, or a class for making sure you know what you’re doing when you’re skiing, or maybe how to go kayaking or running or something like that – instead of telling me to put bars in my bathroom and be sure to clear my floor.

Maybe if they offered advice about going out and being active and being social they wouldn’t have to worry so much about those grab bars in your bathroom and depression.

And yes I do know about depression, which is why I feel like and say something here. But depression can strike at any age and there are ways to avoid being depressed and two of them are by being active and being social.

That’s why I write this blog, because I know that people over 60, over 65, and over 70 aren’t all sitting home worrying about putting putting grip bars and stuff in their bathrooms or cleaning floors.

They are doing something else with their lives!

Thoughts? Comments?

Thank you.

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