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December 16  

Between computer issues and life – I have not been writing on some of my blogs for a long long time… My pre-new year’s resolution is to write weekly…

One major change I made was to join a health club and work out almost daily. What enticed me to do this was yet another announcement from my AARP medigap plan that rates were going up again. I joined last January with a notice of what I would pay monthly during 2005 yet my rate went up in July [their plan year I guess]. Then came a notice that the rate for 2006 was to be another almost $25-30 per month..but I suspect if I had remained with them the rate would again go up in July…

In my search for another plan I found one that is LOWERING their rates in January and offers a FREE health club membership – so I switched quickly and have been working out since mid October!

I did forget that working out takes time…then of course I still work, still have to walk my dog and since it’s winter I still have to ski….Oh and there are squash courts at the club [why I joined the one I joined] and I’ve gotten back to playing squash!

Am feeling super duper great and I know it’s really good to stay in shape but I need to learn how to fit all this good stuff into my life 🙂

I am growing older better and better – and I’ll get back to blogging now too…

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