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April 15  

I gave up yesterday and filed for an extension. Extensions and I get along just famously!

First learned of them way back when and have been an avid user ever since – although in the last few years I have actually gotten taxes done before April 15th….[once in February but that was a very rare occasion.]

I shall finish them before the end of April but I can never see why people go crazy on the 15th when anyone can get an automatic extension. Local newspapers have lists of Post Offices open til midnight tonight so one could drop off the forms.

I find it easier to efile using an online tax program. I fill in the info from the comfort of my own office, coffee in hand, and it does all the arithmetic for me putting the numbers on all the lines they are supposed to be on! Then it takes the Federal info I entered and puts it into the State forms….Ahhhh I love computers!

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