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Halloween and make believe for adults

Ah – the day you can actually BE something or someone else….

Did you put on a costume and go to a party this weekend? Or did you do phone banking or canvassing for a candidate?

Here one could do both – there were groups of adults going around in costumers collecting ballots [we vote by mail in Oregon]

They then turn the ballots in to an official – and yes that’s all legal here….but just make sure you get a receipt for your ballot

But back to the costume..I did not see adults in costume last night as I was busy at a campaign office…but I wondered it we post-boomer aged people do some anti-aging with a costume?

Do we see ourselves on this one day as that younger, more agile person? Next year I’ll go to a few parties and check this out. I do recall from last year’s party that some female friends came as: raggedy Ann, the good witch, the geisha, and the pirate’s lady!
The guys were pirates [that’s a big theme here all year], raggedy Andy, and sailors [ not much of a costume needed.]

Kids like to play make believe and they often make believe they are older – so it makes sense that we as adults can make believe too – and make believe we are younger!

But the day after Halloween – we are all the age we are :-0