Glasses Or Contacts – The Age Old Debate

Lynn Dorman, Ph.D. // Aging


May 3  

This is my personal experience with both contacts and glasses – I’ll start with the pros and cons of each as I see them.



  • easy to put on
  • easy to clean
  • easier upkeep


  • annoying
  • result nose dents over the years
  • may need to switch between sets of glasses
  • may need sunglasses over the regular glasses



  • vision is often better and clearer
  • freedom from the weight of the glasses frame
  • nice to have fresh air hitting one’s whole face
  • you don’t fog ski goggles


  • can be expensive
  • can be time consuming to get them in
  • they can rip easily
  • they can pop out and get lost
  • need to have lots of paraphernalia for their care [lens boxes, cleaners, etc.]
  • you still need a pair of glasses – for those just in case times

I started wearing reading glasses when I was about 20 and had my driver’s license stamped “corrective lenses required” when I was about 45.  As I am now 70 – that’s 50 years of wearing glasses and 25 years of needing them on all day every day.

As I am far sighted and astigmatic, contacts were not an option until they made them for eyes like mine!  At every appointment with an eye doctor, I asked if there were contacts that I could wear and wow was I happy to one day hear “Yes!

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